Gathering at the Chamberlain House

Gathering at the Chamberlain House

The whole gang was there - even Ernest's ex-wife Gladys and Tom's ex-wife Gladys. Not sure where Ernest's wife Kitty was. I assume Mack Price was behind the camera.
Front: Christine, Shannon, Leslie
2nd: Adelaide, Roberta, Joan, Kathy, Nancy
3rd: Didi, Judi, Barb, Lynne, Debbie, Grandmother Chamberlain
Back: Virginia, Tom, Mommy Bond, Ernest, Trey, Taber, Steve, Bud, Gladys

©2017 Leslie Price

Date Created:01/01/1970
City:Fort Worth
Sub-location:Tom Chamberlain home - Dexter
Country/Primary Location Name:United States of America

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