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Georgia, United States


Latitude: 32.7502806, Longitude: -83.5002806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Martha  From 2 Jun 1791 to 1 Jun 1792Georgia, United States I2403
2 Martha  1830Georgia, United States I1515
3 Baker, John V.  1828Georgia, United States I2391
4 Baker, S. A.  Feb 1850Georgia, United States I2392
5 Bussey, Annie  SAY 1793Georgia, United States I2167
6 Bussey, Charlotte  SAY 1795Georgia, United States I2169
7 Bussey, Dempsey  Bef 1800Georgia, United States I2159
8 Bussey, Nancy Jane  1820Georgia, United States I2039
9 Clemons, Lousany Mahala Elousany  1838Georgia, United States I3259
10 Crozier, Francis  1795Georgia, United States I2160
11 Duck, Mary Saphronia  31 Aug 1858Georgia, United States I3069
12 Duck, Melvin Lafayette  17 Aug 1847Georgia, United States I3074
13 Duck, Robert Malone  Sep 1851Georgia, United States I3071
14 Edwards, James Arthur  1863Georgia, United States I2191
15 Embrey, Curtis  1809Georgia, United States I2460
16 Embry, George M.  1811Georgia, United States I1479
17 Langham, Andrew John  1815Georgia, United States I3677
18 Redwine, Martha Jane  10 Dec 1822Georgia, United States I3066
19 Sutton, Benjamin Franklin  26 Jul 1838Georgia, United States I1517
20 Sutton, Burthena  1831Georgia, United States I2993
21 Sutton, E. L. F.  Abt 1827Georgia, United States I1513
22 Sutton, Francis M.  27 Jul 1839Georgia, United States I1463
23 Sutton, Joshua  1829Georgia, United States I1488
24 Sutton, W. W.  1828Georgia, United States I1487
25 Tipton, Martha  1815Georgia, United States I1533
26 Williamson, Elizabeth  From 2 Jun 1815 to 1 Jun 1868Georgia, United States I2404


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bussey, Annie  SAY 1794Georgia, United States I2167
2 Price, William  Georgia, United States I868
3 Wood, Cynthia  Georgia, United States I857


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Criminal    Person ID 
1 Sutton, James D.  Aft 1809Georgia, United States I1457


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Bussey, Thomas  1775–1783Georgia, United States I2163