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FGS_Matthew Taylor,Londonderry

Genealogical sketch of Matthew Taylor and his children.

Married into the Samuel Fisher family.

MATTHEW TAYLOR and his wife, Janet, came from the vicinity of Londonderry, Ireland, and settled in Londonderry (now Derry), in 1722. He lived on the farm now occupied by his grandson, Henry Taylor.

  1. John, their first child, was born September 22, 1721, on their passage to America. He married Margaret Dickey, and had five children; Matthew, James, John, Janet, and Nancy. 1. Matthew married a Miss Little, and had five children; Sarah, Joseph, John, James, and Oliver. 2. James married a Miss Dickey, and had three children; Margaret, Rachel, and William. 3. John married Janet McKeen, and had five children; Anna, Margaret, John, Daniel, and Samuel. 4. Janet married Captain John McKeen, and had seven children; James, John, Joseph, Robert, Samuel, Sarah, and Janet. 5. Nancy married William McKeen, and had six children; Mary, Nancy, Margaret, John, Janet, and Alice.
  2. Matthew, the second son, was born October 30, 1727, married, and went to St. John's, Nova Scotia. He had four sons; one of them became a ship-builder, and three went to Ohio and settled on the Sciota river.
  3. William was born March 23, 1733, and married Betsey Grimes. Their children were Mary, John, Janet, Nancy, Adam, Samuel, Sarah, and Betsey. 1.Mary married John Gregg, and went to New York. 2.John married Nancy Cunningham. Their children were Aiken, William, Samuel Fisher, Ephraim, Nancy, Mary, Sarah, Eliza, and Fanny. 3.Adam married Martha Paul. Their children were Jane, Betsey, Adam, Matthew, Clarissa, Mary Ann, Margaret, and Paul. 4.Sarah married John McGrath, of Dorchester, and had three sons and two daughters. 5. Betsey married Captain James Paul. Their children were Betsey, John, and David. Janet, Nancy, and Samuel, the remaining children of William, were unmarried, and lived to be quite aged.
  4. David, the fourth son, was born August 10, 1735, married Margaret Kelsey, and had seven children: 1. David married, and had two sons. 2. Robert married Dolly Colby, and had ten children; Anna, Lucinda, Rebecca, Robert, Stephen, Henry, and four who died under fifteen, and in one week, of spotted fever. 5. Rosa married James McNeil, and removed to the western part of the State. William, Betsey, Jonathan, and John, were unmarried, and died in the prime of life.
  5. Adam was born August 15, 1737, married Mary Cunningham, and had three children: 1. Nancy married Matthew Anderson. Their children were Adam, John, Jane, Mary, Samuel, Matthew, Betsey, James, and Nancy. 2. Janet married Colonel William Adams, and had two children, Mary, who married Captain John Holmes, and James, who graduated at Dartmouth College in 1813, and died in 1817. 3.Betsey married Samuel McKeen, brother of Joseph McKeen, president of Bowdoin College, and had three children, John, Adam, and James Orr.
  6. Samuel, the sixth son, remained on a part of the homestead, having erected a house and married Sarah Fisher. She had one son and then died. Her son, Matthew, graduated at Dartmouth College in 1801, entered the ministry, married a Miss Fisher, and went as a missionary to Ohio, where he died. Samuel married Eunice Lancaster for his second wife. They had nine children; Sarah, Janet, Samuel Fisher, Henry, James, Mary, and three at a birth, who died young. 1. Sarah married Captain John Clark, and had seven children; Eliza, Mary Jane, Sarah, Nancy, Melvina, Sophia, John Newton, and Harvey. The sons died in infancy. 2. Janet died unmarried. 3. Samuel F. married Margaret Patterson. Their children were Mary Jane, Henry Gilman, Elizabeth, James, Lucinda, and three sons who died young. 4. Henry resides upon the homestead of his grandfather, Matthew Taylor, and is unmarried. 5. James resides on a part of the homestead, being one of the farms originally belonging to Governor Wentworth, and married Persis Hlemphill; they have nine children; Samuel H., Nathaniel M., Almira, Caroline P., Harriette, James C., Sarah J., Mary E., and Emma. 6. Mary married Captain John Clark, as his second wife, and had two children, Elvira M., and Clara A.
  7. Sarah, the first daughter, married Deacon Samuel Fisher, and had one child, Sarah, who married Samuel the sixth son of Matthew Taylor.
  8. Janet, the second daughter, was born June 10, 1731, and married John Anderson. Their children were: 1. John, who married a Miss Archibald, and had thirteen children; Ann, John, Jane, Robert, Martha, Betsey, Thomas, Margaret, Nancy, Eli, Samuel, and two who died young. 2. Matthew, married his cousin, Nancy Taylor, whose children are referred to in Adam Taylor's family. 3. Jane married David Paul, whose children were Martha, James, Janet, John, Mary, Matthew, David, Jane, Thomas, Margaret, Nancy, and two who died young. After Mr. Anderson's death, his widow married Mr. Finlay, and had two children: 1. Samuel, who married a Miss Witherspoon; and their children were Jane, Robert, Joseph, John, Nancy, Fanny, Hugh. Jesse, and Martha. 2. Hugh married Janet Cochran, and had six children; Mary, Joseph, Betsey, Samuel, Sophia, and Barnett.

John and Matthew Anderson lived in Ira, Vt.; and Samuel and Hugh Finlay, in Acworth, N. H. Nearly all the other families lived in Derry, or the vicinity.

The great-grandchildren of MATTHEW TAYLOR, as far as known, number one hundred and thirty.