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FGS_Ela Family, Londonderry

Samuel Ela family listing.

His son David Ela married Samuel Fisher's firstborn, Nancy.

Samuel Ela removed from Haverhill, Mass., and settled in Londonderry, about the year 1755, and died in 1784. He had eight children, as follows:

  1. Edward married a Miss Colby; had two children, Edward and Nancy, and died in Londonderry.
  2. Clark married a Miss Fulton, and had one son.
  3. David married Nancy, the daughter of Deacon Samuel Fisher, and widow of William Cunninghmam, and had five children; namely, Clark, William, Sally, Lois, and Charlotte. He lived and died in Londonderry.
  4. John married Sarah Ferson, and had one child, who died in early life.
  5. Tabitha married Richard Petty, and removed to Thornton, N.H.
  6. Hannah married Jonathan Ferson, and also removed to Thornton.
  7. Mary married Eliphalet Cheney, and removed to Canaan, N.H.
  8. Lois died in childhood.