Price / Riffle / Chamberlain / Brenholts

[ITAL:](note: 1 February 1964)[:ITAL]
[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]Saturday morning

My Darling Mack,
[:TAB:]Hello there! I just want to drop you a few lines and tell you I'm thinking about you and your daughter and I miss you very much.
[:TAB:]Hope you arrived without incident and that you didn't have to drive too late. I came on about 3 yesterday afternoon arriving here bout 4:30. Our precious little Kathy was really a sight to behold. She was all dressed in a new blue outfit "grandma" had bought her. I think she recognized me right away because she just clung to me putting her arms around my neck. Of course I cried for a minute just holding her in my arms again. It had been such a long time.
[:TAB:]She's sitting on the floor here in my room playing so nicely. She is really a doll and I love her so. I think she means even more to me when you're gone from us because she is part of you that I [UND:]can[:UND] hold and love.
[:TAB:]I love you with all my heart, Darling.
[:TAB:]I'll enclose this little bit of information about CPS which Daddy got for you. You probably know these folks but a friend of Daddy's wanted you to have it for reference.
[:TAB:]All is well here. I'll probably go to work Monday. Oh, a big thick envelope from Gene Steed came yesterday to S'ville and I just marked it to be forwarded and gave it right back to the postman. You should get it Sun or Mon. Is it the contract?
[:TAB:]Well, nothing much more to say now. Will write more later. I love you [UND:]very[:UND] much.
[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]Take care,
[ITAL:](note: S'ville = Stephenville, their home town, CPS = Community Public Service Company, presumably a contact to assist with the newspaper)[:ITAL]

[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]Saturday night, Feb 1, 1964

My Darling,
[:TAB:]Thank you so much for telephoning this evening. I have been thinking about you constantly and ever since talking with you I've been talking about you to the folks. Gosh, just hearing your voice has made this day wonderful. I love you very much, Darling.
[:TAB:]I'm so glad you had a good trip up though I do wish I could have been with you and helped do some of the driving. I know how terribly tired you must be today. Hope you will sleep late Sunday morning.
[:TAB:]We had a real good day today. Kathy and I got re-acquainted. She is such an adorably, happy little girl - and gets more and more personality by the minute. I hope all our children will be as happy and content as she is - she's a joy to have. Thank you so much for her. I love her so very much.
[:TAB:]We watched "Lust for Life" on T.V. tonight. Kirk Douglas did a superb job of playing Van Gogh and the movie was beautiful in color. It was a very good picture, I though.
[:TAB:]Undine was here for supper this evening and Louise Unfried came over after dinner and watched T.V. with us. Louise is going back to college at T.W.C. getting her teacher's certificate. She�s' taking "History of Educational Thought" plus 3 other courses. Isn't that the course you took at Tech in night school?
[:TAB:]As I said on the phone I'm planning to go to work for Daddy on Monday. I may not work the full 8 hours every day, but I will work as much as I can. I'll come home when Mother needs to go do errands or has appointments etc. so she won't be tied down with Kathy. I don't want Mother to feel hemmed in but I do think she enjoys taking care of Kathy and that it does her good. Besides, we can use the money I'll be earning. Right ??
[:TAB:]Well, Darling, I have so many questions I want to ask, but you will tell me all that you can when you get a chance I'm sure. Do let me hear how things are progressing. You know I'm dying to know how you're doing.
[:TAB:]When does the bank plan to move to the new bldg. or do you know yet? Hope it won't be too long so that [UND:]The Circle Register Publishing Company[:UND] can move into new quarters soon!
[:TAB:]By the time you get this you will have visited Mama in Perryton. I hope she's in a good frame of mind about everything now and that you will have an enjoyable visit with her.
[:TAB:]Mother and Daddy want to come see Follett as soon as possible, so they say. Perhaps they'll drive Kathy and me up whenever we can come. Who knows?!
[:TAB:]Well, I'd best close for now. I've taken up enough of the publisher's valuable time!! Please drop me a note when you can. You're in my thoughts and prayers always - as you are in my heart. I love you -

[ITAL:](note: 2 February 1964)[:ITAL]
[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]Sunday night

My Darling Mack,
[:TAB:]I love you. Please don't forget that I live for you and that I'm not complete without you. You are my life, my Darling.
[:TAB:]Before I go to sleep I want to brag on our daughter. Oh, honey, you would be so proud of her. I wish you could have seen her tonight. We took her to the club with us for buffet and she completely captivated everyone in the room. She and I walked all over the place after dinner and she just loved it. She's such a show-off, but a precious angel too. Her grand-father carried her up the stairs and into the dining room and out afterwards - just beaming all the while. Both he and Mother act like she is the "queen of the May" or something and delight in showing her off to their friends. It was truly a delightful evening except that I missed you so. I want you to share all of these wonderful moments with your daughter and yet I know it can't be that way always. Realizing the facts doesn't keep me from wishing you were with us tho.
[:TAB:]I forgot to tell you that the deposit slip from the Follett bank arrived in Friday's mail at S'ville showing the $400 in our account. I'll keep it, but you can rest assured that the money's there. I hope your check from Tarleton will arrive O.K.
[:TAB:]We're going to have the "403" worked on tomorrow. I don't think there's much wrong with it except the heater, however the garage man may find something. Who knows.
[:TAB:]I plan to call Mayflower tomorrow and see what can be worked out. Also, I'll be going to work as soon as I can in the morning. I'd better get some sleep - the days will be getting busy around here most soon which will, I hope, keep me from being so lonesome for you. Please take care of yourself. I love you so very much. Kisses from Kathy and me too.
[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]Till the end of time,

[ITAL:](note: 3 February 1964)[:ITAL]
[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]Monday night

My Darling Mack,
[:TAB:]I love you so much, my Sweetheart. How are you? I hope you're taking care of yourself and that things aren't too hectic. Your wonderful little daughter and I are both well and miss you ever so much.
[:TAB:]I heard that there was snow up there today. Hope it wasn't too bad if you had to drive from Perryton to Follett or anywhere else. Please be careful, my Love.
[:TAB:]I went to work about 10:30 this morning after taking the car to the garage. The man hasn't phoned to tell us of any major problems so it may be o.k. Do you want to buy it from the folks and if so for how much? They had Taber send the certificate of title home so that we could change it if we buy it. Let me know your thoughts on the matter.
[:TAB:]I phoned Mayflower and it really is involved as far as this moving business is concerned. It seems that movers get exclusive rights to certain areas and Mayflower doesn't have authorization to move anybody [UND:]from[:UND] Stephenville. They can move you [UND:]to[:UND] there, but not [UND:]from[:UND] unless you're going out of state! Crazy isn't it. Well, anyway they contacted Central Movers and they called me and are able to move us [UND:]from[:UND] S'ville! They have the exclusive rights to that area or something! At any rate I'm to meet the man from Central at our house in S'ville on Saturday morning for him to give me an estimate! Should be interesting to say the least. I'll let you know what happens.
[:TAB:]I'm dead tired tonight so will close for now. I love you with all my heart. Take care and good luck on everything. Kisses from Kathy and me too.
[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]All my love always,

[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]Tuesday night
[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]February 4, 1964

My Darling Mack,
[:TAB:]This was a red-letter day for you in that issues of two papers came out which belong to you now! It really is exciting and I wish I could be there to help you celebrate this occasion. Please know that I'm thinking of you always and that I'm very proud of you. And - besides all that - I love you with all my heart!
[:TAB:]I understand there is a good old fashioned blizzard up there now. I placed a call to you at about 6:30 this evening and - obviously - couldn't get you. The operator in Perryton said they couldn't get through to Follett due to the weather. Were the lines broken by the snow and ice? Or were the circuits just tied up with lots of calls? Mother and Daddy were worried about you too and wanted to hear that you were o.k. I'll probably try to phone tomorrow 'cause I'm anxious about you too.
[:TAB:]I worked from 10-5 today and it looks like Daddy and Rita can use me for at least 2 more weeks. However, I'm planning t leave here as soon as you send for me. They can hire somebody else to help with the 17 annual statements. I want to be with my husband as soon as possible! I love you.
[:TAB:]Rita and Irvin and a bunch of others and Daddy, Mother and I are planning to go out to Joe Garcia's for Mexican food Thursday evening and then come back here for bridge later. Should be fun.
[:TAB:]I haven't called any of my friends here or been visiting with Kathy yet, but I want to as soon as possible. Also, we may go see Lynne, Bud, & Joan in Houston if there is an opportunity. I wrote Patti & Dick and told them all the latest so they're "up to date" now. If you get any interesting personal mail, please send it to me and I'll do the same. So far I haven't gotten anything. Please take care and remember - Kathy and I love and miss you very, very much. Kisses from all,

[ITAL:](note: 6 February 1964)[:ITAL]
[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]Thursday night

My Darling Mack,
[:TAB:]This will just be a short one for I am beat tonight. I can't go to bed without telling you that I love you so very much. How are you? I miss you very much, my Love. Please take care of yourself.
[:TAB:]We had Mexican food tonight with Rita, Ervin, Steve, and 3 others, then played bridge over here. It was a lovely evening, but it's late now.
[:TAB:]I worked from about 9:30 to 3:30 this afternoon. Rita and I picked out a precious little top & ruffled panties for Wendy and Barbara's little girl. I'll wrap it and write them a note and get it in the mail soon.
[:TAB:]Hope all is going well with the papers and otherwise. The weather is still bad I guess which makes it difficult. Hope it clears up soon.
[:TAB:]Please take care and remember, Kathy and I love and miss you very much. Kisses from us both.
[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]All my love always,

[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]Friday night
[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]February 7, 1964

My Darling Mack,
[:TAB:]Well, the first week of our separation has passed very slowly for me, but perhaps the unknown remainder of the time will pass more swiftly. I know it's not any easier on you than it is on me so I won't complain. I do miss you very much, my Love, and long to be next to you once again. I love you with all my heart and soul, my Darling.
[:TAB:]How are you getting along? Each day I've been reading the weather in the Panhandle and it doesn't seem to be getting much better very quickly. I do hope things will get back to normal soon or you all. From all reports it's been rather bad this week as far as traveling is concerned. Thank goodness you got up there when you did.
[:TAB:]Congratulations and Hooray on the first copy of [UND:]your[:UND] "Circle Register". It arrived today and it is wonderful. I literally devoured every word in it and was terribly proud and pleased. Your Editor's Corner was a masterpiece, Darling. I'm so glad you wrote it as you did. What comments have you had about the papers? I'll be interested to hear everyone else's reaction. Please let me know how it struck people, etc.
[:TAB:]Mother and Daddy send their congrats too. Mother would like to send a few copies of this first issue to relatives, if you will let her buy any extra ones you have. She would like to have 3 at least if you can manage it. She�s' awfully proud of you - as I am.
[:TAB:]Our baby is really cleaning up in the new clothes department. Mother bought her an adorable pair of little soft leather slippers which zip up. They are red and white and just perfect. All her booties have fallen apart you know. Also, she and Daddy gave her an "early" birthday present - a coat and bonnet to be worn over dresses for "good" occasions! They are made of a pale yellow corduroy and the coat is fully lined in white silk with cotton flannel backing. It is perfectly beautiful and will be warm enough to ware from now until she outgrows it - which I hope won't be until next year. Kathy rally looks beautiful in it too. She looks like a little doll with the bonnet on, I wish you could see her. She is such a precious angel. So good and so much fun.
[:TAB:]I got paid today for the 23 hours I've worked this week - $34.50. Wow! Mother and Daddy won't let me give them anything for Kathy's or my food and I don't know what to do. I think I'll buy a fifth of Scotch tomorrow and I am managing to buy my own stamps, cigarettes, lunches, and pay for my parking and gas. I wish they'd let me pay for the food tho.
[:TAB:]We've had the Peugeot worked on and the difference in the way it drives now is amazing! It has so much more pick-up and there is heat! The repair man said that he thought it was in real good shape and ought to make many more miles with very little trouble. He told us it should do the job in the panhandle as a business car if you want it, Honey. mother mentioned that he told her Peugeots were selling for about $450 on the used car market now. She and I didn't get down to a serious business type discussion concerning how much she wanted for it, but if she knows she can get $450 for it if she sells it out right I don't imagine we should offer her less. It's really up to you, Darling. If we had it and you could use it for your business trips our gas and oil bill would certainly be cut down. However, I don't know if it is heavy enough to be a good "road" car. If we had to have any major servicing done on it I don't know where we'd find a place that carries Peugeot parts. Mother and Daddy have to go to Arlington for parts! There are many "pros" and "cons" to think about, but it certainly would be a good idea to have an economical car for your trips instead of using the gas eating Ford all the time.
[:TAB:]I talked to Daddy concerning the form from Property Rentals showing the dividend I received last year. He says that he and Mother don't send one with their tax return and that we don't really need to worry about it. He says that all we need to do is to put down the amount ($275) of the dividend in the proper place and the name - Property Rentals - and let it go at that. They have sent the I.R. a list of who got how much and we don't really have to have the copy of that form to file. I don't imagine you've even thought about income tax since you've been up there. I know you're really busy and probably won't have time to mess with it for a while. Whenever you do start to work on it tho, Daddy says not to worry about the Property Rentals deal.
Well, I've got to get some sleep so I can drive to Stephenville tomorrow. Please take care of yourself and drop me a line when you have time. I miss you so much, my Darling. I'm just waiting sort of "in suspension" until we can all be together again. Kisses from Kathy and me too.
[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]All my love always,

P.S. Mother and Daddy have engagements next Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat nights and I'll be home here with the baby alone. If you get the time and inclination to call I'd love to hear your voice again. I love you and miss you so. Good night, My Love,

[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]Sunday night, Feb 9, 1964

My Darling Mack,
[:TAB:]Hi, Honey! How are you? I love you very much, My love.
[:TAB:]Gee, it was wonderful to hear your voice today. I debated about calling you for a while because I was sure that you'd be working, but I wanted to talk with you.
[:TAB:]I'm so sorry the weather put such a damper on your activities last week. You all really had a rough time of it up there. I only hope that this week things will begin to get back to normal. Things were going to be rough on you for the first while if you had good weather, but with the bad weather, it's just been that much worse hasn't it? Maybe it will be better this week. I have my fingers crossed.
[:TAB:]My trip to Stephenville yesterday turned out pretty well. I drove the 403 down about 8:45 and met Mr. French at our [UND:]COLD[:UND] (30� inside!) house at 10:30. He gave me the estimate which I told you about of $443. This includes $26.40 worth of premiums on the $6600 worth of extra insurance which I think is necessary. It includes $80 worth of packing which I believe is a bit high. I don't think it will take as many boxes as he estimated, but who knows? The rate for the actual move is based on 6600 lbs. traveling 386 miles at $5.10 per 100 lbs. That is the figure which is governed by the Railroad Commission and is $336!! Ouch. At any rate I told him I would phone them as soon as I heard from you and I'll go down the day they are to pack and load the van and see what condition they mark our furniture to be in, etc, etc.
[:TAB:]I closed out our checking acct and got the $17.05! Wow! I'm really a rich woman. I talked to Barbara Lawliss and later after seeing Mr. French etc. I took her to lunch and had a real nice visit with her.
[:TAB:]I went by the Miller's house and visited with them. They were concerned about how you were doing in the snow etc. and I told them all I knew at the time. Miller had gone up to the Inter-Scholastic League Competition at Tarleton and said nobody shoed up in his particular section. John Whitting wasn't even there of course. He's going to Commerce every week-end!
The new student center is open and I stopped and went in. It is really lovely and there were lots of kids there enjoying it. They really got it built in a hurry, but it looks awfully nice.
I didn't go to the Savings & Loan, but I can if you need me to send you any money. Let me know if you think you'll need any before I get there and transfer the acct. to Perryton.
[:TAB:]After I got back yesterday at about 3:30 I took Kathy visiting. Went to see some old high school friends of mine - Nancy & Don Enas. They have two adorable children and we had a wonderful visit.
[:TAB:]Oh, while I was in S'ville I went into Penney's and bought two precious cotton dresses for Kathy - size 18 mos. & a size 2!!! They were both together only $5 and I couldn't resist them. I dressed her in the pink one (the other is yellow) yesterday when we went visiting and she looked precious. She is such a little young lady and such a doll! I love to dress her up and show her off! She behaved herself beautifully too which made me very proud.
[:TAB:]Today has been a gorgeous day and I took Kathy on a nice long stroll after her lunch. We've watched two different batches of the Olympics which were wonderful. I hope you've watched some of them. They have been so beautiful and terribly thrilling. We didn't do too badly as it finally ended up either - thank goodness.
[:TAB:]I talked with Terry Cady today and plan to take the baby and go see her and Burt someday this week. They are trying to find a place to move since they only have a one bedroom apt. and the baby is due in six weeks. Burt is selling gas heater! I don't know who he works for but after I see them I'll know more.
[:TAB:]I'm going t work early tomorrow and leave at 10 to go to the dentist then go back and work the rest of the day. Daddy's paying me by the hour and I want to get in as many hours as I can this week to get as much money as possible. With Easter and Kathy's birthday only 6 weeks off I can definitely use the money. Also, there are quite a few statements that Rita and I need to get done this week before Daddy goes to Midland next week. Things are really kind of hectic at this time of year around that office.
[:TAB:]While I was in S'ville I bought Kathy a Valentine present. It's the cutest little white soft fuzzy doggie with red ears and a ribbon around his neck with a red heart on it which says "I love you". I just couldn't resist him he was so darling. I haven't given it to her yet tho. I'll wait till Friday.
[:TAB:]Mother found two cute slacks & shirts sets on sale the other day for Bunny which we are sending her for her birthday Thursday. One set from you ^ me. I can hardly believe she'll be two! How time flies.
[:TAB:]Is there anything you can think of that you need from either S'ville or Ft. Worth while I'm here? I'll be glad to send you anything that you have remembered that's at the house and forgot or anything that you might want me to get here in Ft. Worth.
[:TAB:]Also, has the mail from S'ville been being forwarded? Anything interesting arrive yet?
[:TAB:]I'm looking forward to seeing the K.V.I and also hearing the "tale of woe" concerning the mailing difficulties about it. Hope this week's arrives on time!
[:TAB:]There are so many things which I am anxious to hear about and - as we've experienced before - letters are so inadequate for communication. I'll just be patient tho and hope that it's not too much longer before we're together again.
[:TAB:]Keep me posted, please, on the house deal. Cal me if you need my help.
[:TAB:]I'm constantly thinking about you - and - I must confess - worrying about you. Please take care and keep up the good work. I'm so proud of you.
[:TAB:]I miss you very much, Darling, and long t be in your arms again. Kisses from Kathy and me too. We love you so.
[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]All my love always,

[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]Tuesday night
[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]February 11, 1964

My Darling Mack,
[:TAB:]Hooray! Thank goodness we've got a home at last. I'm so relieved and so happy. I feel 1000% better after talking with you tonight. Now I'm just anxious to get there and be together as a family again. I hope this next week goes fast!
[:TAB:]I'll talk to the movers first thing in the morning, and then I'll notify the Godwins after I know exactly when the movers will be able to load our stuff. I'll drop Manuel and Janie a note too and ask Manuel to drop the screen off in the garage on his way home one day and then I'll go by and see them on the day I'm there - probably this Saturday - and get the key and say good-bye.
[:TAB:]At this moment I'm not sure if Mother and Daddy will bring us up or not. Sing they aren't here this evening I'll have to see about that tomorrow. They've gone to the Wine & Food Society annual dinner for the wives. I know they've having a wonderful meal and good wine at Shady Oaks.
[:TAB:]I went to the dentist yesterday and will have to go back Thursday to have some teeth filled! Darnit. I haven't had any cavities in a long time, but Joe found some this time. He X-rayed my whole mouth to make sure he gets all the bad spots taken car of. [UND:]Lovely[:UND]!
[:TAB:]I did a little shopping yesterday for myself. I hope you won't be mad. I bought a new pair of black kid high heels and a pair of black kid loafers. They were on sale and both together were only $13.25. I just couldn't resist because I needed them so badly.
[:TAB:]Shall I get any more money from our savings account before I come up?
[:TAB:]As soon as I know exactly how and when I'll be able to come up to Follett I'll let you know. Since you will need to get the 403 up there sooner or later, it seems sensible for us to bring it when we come. Just exactly who or how is still up for grabs. What are your ideas?
[:TAB:]Your decision to change the K.V.I. to a Thursday paper really sounds great. It should work out better for all concerned. Maybe you can use the TV schedule idea in it now. Hope things will go O.K. on this week�s issues of both papers and next weeks too. The bad weather is going to take its toll tho, I'm sure, not only one your business but everyone's.
[:TAB:]Hope the 300 yards of mud will dry out so you can drive all the way to the plant! What a mess! (That's the understatement of the year I'll bet!)
[:TAB:]Well, when you get this it will undoubtedly be Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day, my Sweetheart. Will you be my Valentine?
[:TAB:]I love you [UND:]very[:UND] much, my Darling. Take care of yourself and we'll see you next Tues. or Wednesday, I hope. Kathy misses her Daddy so much and she needs you my Love. She's well and doing fine tho, Honey. She is such a little love.
[:TAB:]Mother and Daddy just returned and I told them that you'd found a house etc. Daddy was very pleased. But, as you might expect, Mother began to get sentimental and say she didn't want me to leave, etc. etc. Oh, dear. I hope this doesn't turn into one of "those kind" of week. Enough. I'll make out O.K. with Mother.
[:TAB:]Well, take care, My Love. I love you and can hardly wait to be back in your arms again. All our kisses to you.

[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]All my love always,

[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]Friday night
[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]Valentine's Day, 1964

My Darling Mack,
[:TAB:]Thank you so very much, Sweetheart, for the beautiful red roses. They arrived this evening and I was so surprised and very thrilled to receive them. You are so sweet and thoughtful. Thank you, Honey. I love you so much.
[:TAB:]I finished working for Daddy at noon today. He took Mother, Rita, and me to lunch at the Town Club. It was very nice, but sort of sad, too. This will probably be the last time one of Daddy's daughters works for him. Both he and Rita got sort of sentimental about it all which touched me very deeply.
[:TAB:]I had to go back to the dentist today for the third time this week. He polished up the three fillings he put in yesterday and cleaned my whole mouth. I paid my bill in case afterwards - to the tune of $36!! I almost fainted! The whole mouth X-rays are what cost so much - $15. Oh well, it's done now so there's no backing out. My salary for this week was only $34.50 so I had to use some I had saved from last week in order to make the $36. I hope I don't ever have a dental bill like that again.
[:TAB:]I've loaded the 403 with the 6 boxes of china from here, plus shoes, clothes, baby toys, etc. to take down to S'ville in the morning for the movers to bring up to Follett.
[:TAB:]I'm going to give the Godwins the keys to the house tomorrow and ask them to pay $25 of Feb.'s rent if that's agreeable with them. I hope they won't think that's too much, because we need the money.
[:TAB:]I'll send the $200 to you and the copy of the movers sheet after they make it out tomorrow. Look for the Central moving van at 8 A.M. Tuesday morning! I'll give them your instructions to come to the school house.
[:TAB:]Mother, Kathy, and I will come straight to the Motel Tuesday. I feel sure it will be 5:30 or so before we get there but who knows. Keep your fingers crossed that we'll have good weather to drive in.
[:TAB:]Mother will probably plan to fly out of Amarillo Thursday afternoon or Friday to Phoenix to meet Daddy. We'll see.
[:TAB:]I certainly loved talking with you last night. I miss you so much and hearing your voice makes me feel better.
[:TAB:]I'm so sorry that the Steinprice (sp?) house didn't work out, but the one you got sounds o.k. I think your idea of our taking the 1st floor bedroom is the best deal since it's nearer the bath. Kathy's room can be upstairs and we'll still be able to hear her if she cries in the night. When she gets to walking and climbing out of her bed we'll have to put a gate across the top of the stairs so she won't fall - but that will be a while yet.
[:TAB:]Well, I'd better close for now. I'll be leaving for S'ville at 7AM.
[:TAB:]Take care, Darling. Your precious daughter sends you her love and kisses as I do too. We'll see you Tuesday.

[:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:][:TAB:]I love you,