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Letter from Josie (Amanda's Daughter's Daughter - one of 12 children) Josephine Murphy and Samuel Riffle were together for a time when Sam was about 14 or 15. Sam had to 'go out to find work' Josephine was raised by Aunt Cornelia Lyle (Amanda's sister?) Josephine often spoke of Grandpa Dugger (Amanda's father?) that lived in the country Amanda had a little boy sometime after Mr. Murphy died. The son was stillborn. Amanda was sick after the birth and went to stay with a friend to get care but she died. By the time Sam got home his mother was dead and buried and his half-sister was with Cornelia Lyle.

letter from Barbara Jean Riffle, 18 Nov 1984: Guntown, MS, Itawamba Co. census 1850 and 1860: Samuel Scott, with children Samuel Scott was aged 56 in 1850, born in TN, children born AL