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Transcribed notes from Katie Price, her recollections of the Embry side of the family. No date was on these pages. Pages 1-3 were addresses for the Riffle descendants pegged to receive the 1976 Riffle Family Tree. Those addresses will be in the database with the appropriate tag. Page 4 was her transcription of the Family Record of Births from the Riffle Bible. Names and dates input to database as appropriate. What follows was written on three following pages in her lovely script
This is part of the Debbie Price collection
I copied this from the Embry family Bible just as it was written, and I'll add a few things I remember Mother telling me.
I had thought my grandmother's name was Frankie Ann but found out it was Martha Ann. I notice there was a F.A. Embry born Aug, 7, 1865, this was marked through and dated 1864. But I think it would have to be 1863 if Aunt Adeline was born in Jan 1865. You will note that this F.A. died in 1866 which would make her near 3 years old. I'll ask Grace about this child when I get to see her - She might remember.
I also remember Mother saying that there was just about 6 mo. between the deaths of her parents. Aunt Adeline and Aunt Nancy were already married so Mother and Uncle Arthur kept the family together from 1893 to 1900 when Mother and Daddy were married. Mother said all that Aunt deline and Aunt Nancy & husbands did was to spy on them and criticize.
Uncle Clay (Mack took his letters written from Phillipines) enlisted in the Army without their knowledge and Aunt Johncy ran away and got married - Both quite young & I'm sure had to lie about their age. This hurt Mother so.
About this time Uncle Arthur had met Aunt Mollie & they wanted to get married but he didn't want to leave Mother with the 2 children. mother had met Daddy so Eunice tells me that Uncle Arthur agreed to take Uncle Wallace & Mother to keep Aunt Georgia & they both got married. Uncle Wallace did not like living wiht Uncle Arthur & came to Mother. I don't think he was received with open arms from things Eunice said so he just lived around with sisters & Uncle A. until he married.
You will note that Aunt Georgia died in 1902. She & Daddy's daughter Annie (Sis Annie shortened to "Sannie") were near the same age & were very dear friends. Annie died soon after childbirth and Aunt Georgia died just a few days later I think. Prro Mother! She left the responsibility of a home for her sisters and brothers (family of 6) and took over the responsibilities of Daddy's family of 4 children with the married children & inlaws dropping in & visiting for days.
Mary was an infant when her mother dieed so her grandparents kept her until after I was born then she came to live with her father's family into which she NEVER felt she belonged.
Uncle Clay married after he got out of the service - I have no marriage dates for any of them.
I believe this is just all that I can rake up about the Embrys, and I have given you all I know about Daddy.