Price / Riffle / Chamberlain / Brenholts

[Included in Debbie Price Collection of papers, this appears to be an autobiography she wrote as part of her degree program at UofH in the 1970s – original typed version quite faded, transcription here completed by Leslie Price 28 November 2009]


May I introduce myself?

My name is Debbie Price, nee Deborah Chamberlain. For the past eleven years I've been a wife, homemaker, and mother in three cities before my husband's work brought us to Houston in 1965. I resumed my full-time college studies in the Fall, 1971, and hope to complete my degree in the Spring, 1973 – 15 years after I began!

This fall I will complete the final courses toward my major in political science. My courses have spanned a broad range; from Eastern and Western European political systems through Constitutional Law and International Law to American foreign policy and legislative processes. In my second teaching field, history, my main emphasis has been on American history with European history as my second area of study. All aspects of government and history fascinate me and I am hopeful that I will be able to make my enthusiasm a useful tool in my teaching experiences.

I was born in Newark, New Jersey and moved to Texas at age 5. I have an older sister, a twin sister and a younger brother. I attended public schools in Fort Worth where my father is still an independent Consulting Actuary.

Throughout my school years I was involved in Blue Bird and Camp Fire Work and Episcopal youth activities. Elementary school activities included district-wide tennis tournaments; narration of school pageants and programs; singing in the school chorus; and competition in the school spelling bee as class representative.

In junior high school I continued to narrate school productions, sing in the chorus and had a major part in the 9th grade play. I achieved membership in the National Junior Honor Society and served as an officer. I was co-editor of the school's award-winning newspaper and competed in area-wide journalistic competitions.

At Paschal High School I was a member of two charity clubs which donated money earned through cake sales and rummage sales to deserving groups. I also worked over 100 hours in various United Fund agencies, orphanages, hospitals, etc. In my senior year I was elected treasurer of both clubs.

I was nominated as a candidate for queen of the Sports Follies my junior and senior years; achieved membership in the National Honor Society; and served as editor of one section of the school annual. I was a member of the Latin club, the Math club, and earned a scholastic letter.

I spent one summer during my high school working at a Young Life ranch near Buena Vista, Colorado as a member of the kitchen crew with teen-agers from throughout the U.S. making up the entire work-crew for the guest ranch. Other summers I worked in my father’s office using a calculator checking insurance rate tables etc. I held several jobs in department stores as a sales clerk through my years in high school

At the University of Colorado I began my political science major with sociology and history minors. I achieved membership in the political science honorary, Pi Sigma Alpha, in the spring of my junior year and was elected secretary of the campus chapter.

I participated in the spirit organization, student union council, and worked on the yearbook for two years – editing the Organizations section my junior year. I was an active member of Delta Gamma sorority and was elected social chairman the spring of my junior year.

I have traveled throughout much of the United States, Mexico and Europe. Relatives in Ohio, New York City, and Cape Cod provided several summers of sight-seeing activities. My paternal grandmother has maintained a home in Cuernavaca, Mexico since 1950 and my visits there have been unique.

Following my junior year at C.U. I married and now have two daughters, 9 and 7. While my husband was teaching American history at Monterey High in Lubbock and attending graduate school I worked briefly at Rix Life Ins. Co. Assisting with their annual statement and resumed my college studies at Texas Tech. A faculty position for my husband with Tarleton State College took us to Stephenville, Texas. We later became owners, editors and operators of a weekly newspaper and job printing business. I served as bookkeeper, copy writer and editorial assistant.

A position with The Houston Post for my husband brought us t Houston where we have had our second daughter and I have devoted most of my energies to my family. I took one college course in 1966 but family obligations precluded my continuing toward my degree at that time. My husband has been associated with a natural gas transmission company for over five years now. I have worked on the program committee of the Delta Gamma alumni charity project; have been associated with Blue Birds as co-leader and counselor of a group; and have done volunteer office work for the Houston Organization for Parent Education. I have been active in P.T.A. and homeroom mother activities for my daughters.

Additional civic work I have done includes active participation in local, state, and national political campaigns and election as a delegate from my precinct to the state senatorial district convention. I have also worked as a fund-raiser for charitable organizations.

I served as editor for my church’s weekly newsletter and was an executive board member of the women’s organization. I was elected a delegate to the annual diocesan council meetings for two years.

I am eagerly looking forward to earning my degree and serving the coming generations as teacher of either government or history.