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Letter from Katie Alma Riffle; Describes Mary Elizabeth Embry's life.
I remember Mother saying that there was just about 6 months between the deaths of her parents. Aunt Adeline and Aunt Nancy were already married so Mother and Uncle Arthur kept the family together from 1893 to 1900 when Mother and Daddy were married. Mother said all that Aunt Adeline and Aunt Nancy and husbands did was to spy on them and criticize. Uncle Clay enlisted in the Army without their knowledge and Aunt Johncy ran away and got married - both quite young and I'm sure had to lie about their ages. This hurt Mother so.

About this time Uncle Arthur had met Aunt Mollie and they wanted to get married but he didn't want to leave Mother with the 2 children. Mother had met Daddy so Uncle Arthur agreed to take Uncle Wallace and Mother to keep Aunt Georgia and they both got married. Uncle Wallace did not like living with Uncle Arthur and came to Mother. I don't think he was received with open arms so he just lived around with sisters and Uncle Arthur until he married.

Aunt Georgia and Daddy's daughter Annie were near the same age and were very dear friends. Annie died soon after childbirth and Aunt Georgia died just a few days later. Poor Mother! She left the responsibility of a home with her sisters and brothers and took over the responsibilities of Daddy's family of 4 with the married children and in-laws dropping in and visiting for days.

Stepdaughter Mary was an infant when her mother (Sarah Faucett) died so her grandparents kept her until after I was born then she came to live with her father's family into which she NEVER felt she belonged.

[note from Leslie Price: guessing that all of this was in a letter from my grandmother to my mother, sometime in the 1970s, since that's when Mom started in with the genealogy]