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Graduation Calling Cards to Mack Price from Follett High School Grads, Class of 1951 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Graduation Calling Cards

Follett High School
Class of 1951

Given to Mackey Price

Vernor Earl Bell
To Mackey
The bookkeeping brain of the class and a swell friend.

Billy File
To Malcolm
A swell classmate.
Good Luck Mac.

Kaye Lanelle Freeman
To Mackey -
You have been one of my best friends.
We started to school together and we are ending now.
The best of luck - I'll never forget you.

Barbara Hannah Laubhan
To Mackey:
A swell person. May the good, better and best be with you always.

Edward Schoenhals
To Malcolm.
A great pal & classmate, woman chaser etc.
Remember the grand times we had.
Lots of luck.

Harry Schoenhals
To a swell classmate and friend I shall remember.
The best wishes & luck to you in the future.

Rachel Ruth Schoenhals
To Malcolm:
The future president of the U.S. (HA)
Hope you make it.

Bobbie Ann Searcy
To Mackey,
May everything you do be blessed with success.
A classmate,

LaVeta Collene Steinert
Mackey -
Don't forget all of the years we've studied readin' writin', 'rithemetic and recess together.
Loads of luck.

Bob Swope
To Malcom,
A fellow classmate I'll never forget.

Freda Mae Wilson
To Mackey,
The best extemporaneous speaker that FHS has ever known.
May you always be as swell as you are now.

Albert Ray Yanke
To Mackey
A swell friend and a classmate.
I wish you lots of luck and happiness