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Transcription by Mack Price of information provided to him by Deaconess Home of Redeeming Love.
Parent synopsis from Deaconess

Birth Mother: She was 20 years old, single and this was her first pregnancy. Her nationality was some Welch and 1/32 Cherokee. She was 5'7", 126#, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a fair complexion. She was in good health. She was not adopted. She was affiliated with the Methodist church. She had completed high school and was attending a teacher's college.
Your Birth Mother met Your Birth Father while in the city going to college. They "went together" for a year off and on. They had an argument and broke up, all before she knew of her pregnancy. He had been working and lost his job. He had moved away before having a change to tell him about her pregnancy.
Your Birth Mother's father was 49 years old, in good health and employed as an oil field worker. He had taught school for 7 years. Your Birth Mother's mother was 43 years old, in good health and a full time homemaker.
Your Birth Mother had one brother. He was 9 years old and lived at home. There is information in the file regarding an uncle that had been blind for 4 years. However the cause was unknown.

Birth Father: He was 23 years old, single and in good health. He was not related to your Birth Mother. His nationality is unknown. According to a nationality book, his last name (from Lipscomb County records his name was Raymond Wilson) was Eng. Scot. He was about 6'1"", 165#, dark brown hair, light blue eyes and a fair complexion.
He had completed high school and Business College. He was employed as a Book Keeper.
Your Birth Mother did not know his family. She knew his parents were living. She also knew that he had a sister that was also employed as a book keeper.

[note by Mack]
(This is primary information received from Deaconess Home 4/24/04…The medical records indicate that I spent several months in isolation in the hospital with an infectious disease-impetigo.)