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Homer Price Family summary by Mack Price; Written recollections of Mack Price's father, aunts, uncles and cousins on that side of the family
(July 17, 2002)

Leslie & Kathy,

As I've gone through the family pics trying to ID them it is evident that little is known of my father's family. At least by me. I'm even having trouble coming up with the names of my cousins. So, based on what I do know and can glean from the pics, I'm going to try to put together a brief history. Unfortunately if won't have complete names or many dates. I will try to note “places” when I can remember them.

Homer Price was born in Eureka Springs, Arkansas in, I think, Feb. 1895, to Katherine Echols Williamson and James Mordecai Price. He had an older sister, Beulah Price, and a younger brother, Henry Price. Homer had no middle name but I don't know if Beulah and Henry did or not. His father died and his mother moved to central Texas and married or vice versa. She married a man named Gentry and they had one daughter, Gladys Gentry. “Grandmother Gentry,” as I always knew her, divorced or left Gentry and moved to near Follett where her brother “Uncle Bobby” Williamson had a farm. It is the one I now own.

Beulah married a man named Clarence Nickell and lived in Eureka Springs until the early 1940s when they moved to Buena Park, California, just east of Los Angeles. Uncle Clarence worked in some defense plant near there, retired and became Judge Roy Bean at Knotts Berry Farm! They had two or three daughters older than me but I don't remember their names. They then had two boys, CA just older than me and Leslie, just younger. Don't know what has happened to any of them.

Henry married a woman names Mabel (?) and they lived in Canyon where both attended West Texas State Teachers College and helped Grandmother Gentry and my dad run a cleaning plant and, I believe at one time, a restaurant. Dad and mother (who had also attended West Texas) moved to Follett and dad had a cleaning plant on main street. Henry and Mabel had two boys, James Bartlett (Bartley?) Price (you may remember Jimmie and his family from their “sojourn” with us on Ashcroft) and Stanley Earl (?) Price. Both were just older than me. I don't know where they are now. Jimmie may still be practicing dentistry in Houston although I doubt it.

Gladys married a man named Bernard Loomer and they lived most of their lives in Fort Worth. They had a daughter and two sons but their names escape me. I may run across pics or something that will refresh my memory.

Maybe you can construct a brief family tree from this info. I have no idea what the records in Eureka Springs or Coryell County (central Texas and the name I always heard when they talked about coming to Texas) where Gatesville is located. I have some pics that were made by a Gatesville studio so assume they must be Gentry relatives although only one is ID'd and I never heard of those people. There is a Gentry cemetery north of Gatesville-a sign along Hwy 36 points to it. I've seen it several times going back and forth but never checked it out.

I will keep this open and add or change details as I run across things in the picture records. I'm afraid it isn't much of a record but I just didn't pay that much attention when I was a kid and saw all of them once in awhile. Grandmother Gentry lived with us on and off and we'd take her to Henry's or to Glady's and she'd stay a while and then want to “come home” so Dad would go get her. In her final years she became very senile and died in the late 1940s I believe. I guess they must have lived on the farm for awhile but there's no record of a house there. Uncle Bob built a house on the land just north of the present Follett school-where the football field is now located. He had barns, etc. on about two or three acres. The house was sold and moved and the property sold to the school after he died.