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Email from Barbara Riffle re: Marie Riffle birthday party
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Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2004 9:12 AM
Subject: Report of Marie's party

We missed you, but all loved your package to Marie. We passed around the letters and the pictures. I have up dated information for some of the pictures you sent.

Verla, Lamont, Randa, and Clarice arrived about 6:30 PM on Thursday at the hotel. Walt and I had come in about 5 so we were settled in and had reported in to Billie. All the Kennedy girls and Marie were at Billie's on a "work day." They had spent the night together and worked all day getting the yard ready for us.

Thursday night there were 7 of us for dinner at Lambert's (the home of throwed rolls). The first restaurant is in St. Louis. IT was definitely a family place. Walt and Lamont were across the table from each other so they had someone to talk with as the women didn't shut up!

Friday AM, Clarice stayed in to nurse her sprained ankle and Walt did business on the phone while Verla, Randa, and I were taken on a Loxley tour by Marie, Kate, and Patti. We all met for lunch in Fairhope with more sightseeing that afternoon.

By Friday night, Aunt Eva, Carol and Eugene had arrived so there were 17 for dinner at a fish place on the beach in Gulf Shores. That way we could see the gulf. Bernetta and her husband John came in while we were eating.

Mid morning on Saturday all gathered at Billie's' for an outdoor day. Her yard is HUGE. There were tables and chairs scattered under the trees in the front yard, a wonderful breezeway with more tables, chairs, rockers, and sofas, and more chairs by the pool. By lunch time there were 42 of us. About 2:30 friends began to drop in so another 25 or so were there for cake. It began to thin out all afternoon until there were about 10 of us left for supper. At dark, it was time to call it quits. Walt and I left Sunday after breakfast with Verla and Lamont. They were leaving Monday AM but planned to spend Sunday afternoon with Marie.

The final roll call:
Verla and Lamont, Randa and Clarice from OK.
Marie's kids: Billie, her daughter Kari from Fairhope, Daughter Kita, husband Bill, stepson Preston, and son Ryan from Birmingham.
Kate, daughter Kathy from Mobile, and son Johnny from Biloxi.
Linda, husband Lonnie, son Sonny, daughter Junelle and usband and 3 kids
Shelia and husband Jack and son Daniel from Pensacola. 2nd son couldn't come.
Patti from KY
Bobby, who is still living with Marie
Representing Stanley: Aunt Eva and Carol from Sumter, SC.
Eugene from Columbia, Bernetta and John from Atlanta, and Frank and Cecilia from near Sumter.
Walt and me. Walt's son, daughter in law, and baby from Mobile.
Deloris brought Aunt Bessie and Doris came from Mobile to represent the Witt side of the family.

I was in charge of name tags so I at least got a chance to meet

I will send pictures later as I have 3 rolls of film to be developed.
We don't have a scanner, so will have to do the snail mail thing.
Verla brought a family album with many pictures I had never seen. I was at Walmart making copies on Sunday AM before we left. Have you ever seen the picture of Andy Faucett, father of Sarah Josephine Riffle?

IT was a great weekend. Clarice is now talking about doing the same for Verla's 80th in Oct 2005. I am keeping my calendar clear. Hope you can make it then.