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Transcript of letter: EMBRY Clayton B to EMBRY Mary 15 Jun 1901
Saravia Negros PI
June 15th 1901

Dear Sister will try to write you a few lines this evening to let you know I am still living and in good health and hope these few lines will find you the sam.
Well Mary I have been looking for a letter from you for some time but haven't received one yet - why don't you write. I am stationed at Saravia now and have been about three months. I like this place fine.
Mary I may stay over here when I am discharged. I can get a great deal better wages here. And I am having good health here, too.
Where do you live now Mary and where is Georgia and Wallace at now. Tell them to write to me. And you must write a good lone letter and tell all the general news.
I just came back from a 5 days expedition in the Mountains and haven't got rested up yet so good by tell all the children to write
Clayton B Embrey

** transcribed 23 Jul 2006 by Leslie Price